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Advocacy Services

Advocacy Service

Advocacy def:- any action that speaks in favour of, in support or on behalf of others to ensure their views wishes and experiences are heard.

At FHC, we are always looking to improve upon our service so that all care and case management goals are driven by the wishes and needs of each client. This is a highly bespoke process and often, as professionals we are not always immediately aware of the complexities that an individual experiences. Whilst always ready to listen and learn, we as case managers are alert to the fact that many of our clients may feel disadvantaged as we have not ‘walked in their shoes’ to fully appreciate their day-to-day challenges. Equally, our clients can report a feeling of confusion and isolation regarding their injury and the litigation process.

Having listened to the views of our clients and family members, we have developed a pioneering advocacy service within FHC, whereby we have a team of Support Advocates, who themselves have experience first-hand injury and the litigation process. Our Support Advocates are available on a self-employed basis through our platform to provide face to face or virtual peer support and assistance to clients with similar injuries and their case manager and wider MDT. This support can be relating to specific areas or more general in nature.

In addition to working directly with clients, our Support Advocates are available upon request, to present to professional groups their bespoke ‘Survivors Guide to my Injury ’ talk. Our first Advocate is Laura White. Laura is our Brain Injury Support Advocate (BISA). More Advocates will be added as the role develops.

Laura White

Brain Injury Support Advocate (BISA)

We at FHC feel that this additional service provides a complete solution to case management for our clients with the final jigsaw piece. Please do contact us for more details.

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